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Media Help

This site contains powerful multimedia features that extend the communication possibilities that members have at their disposal.

The posting of multimedia elements that are personal to you helps to extend the dating experience beyond the medium of static photos.

Please do not include any links to external web sites or e-mail addresses in your media files as such files will be deleted.


Video is an excellent way of portraying yourself to other site members.
The advantage that video holds over audio clips and static photo images is that it shows your natural movement and mannerisms whilst letting you communicate on a verbal level with other members.


Audio is a way to communicate with other members if you don’t have the means to upload video or if you aren’t forward enough to talk into a camcorder. Possible contacts/dates can hear what you sound like and this is an excellent way to flirt verbally.

General Audio/Video Tips

Here is a list of things you should consider when creating a video or audio clip.
  • Be yourself. Most people can tell when people are being false and can produce negative first impressions.
  • Try to be confident and open.
  • Try to make eye contact with the camera in video files.
  • Speak loudly and clearly on audio files.
  • DO NOT include any material that is illegal, immoral, unlawful or that you do not have the copyright for.


To upload a file simply enter the desired title of your media as well as a brief description of what it is.
Next Click on the Browse button which will allow you to search for the file on your computer.

Once you have located the file you wish to upload, click on the Open button from the browse window. When you click the Open button you will arrive back at the file upload screen.

You should now notice that the File field has been filled the path of the file you wish to upload.
Once this has been done click on the Upload File button to upload the file. You should then receive confirmation on screen that the file has been uploaded correctly.

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Dating Service Asian

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